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What’s a better way to know the author than to review his favorite movie. Mine is “The Lord of the Rings”. Be aware, once I start talking about this movie it becomes very hard to stop, and you may find the review a little bit personal. I mean come on, winning 11 Oscars out of 11 nomination, THAT’S BIGG!!!

Why do I prefer it on other movies? Here’s why:

  1. Directing: considering its released date, the movie competes with the new released ones. The shots are well taken and the scenes well distributed, the way we engage with four different locations and different stories is superb, you don’t get lost with the events happening yet you’re still connected to other stories. The close ups were very well placed and very well taken. Did you know how they shot Gandalf (tall) and Bilbo (short)? They used the visual illusion and played on keeping distance between the actors. WOW How creative!!! Great Job Director Peter Jackson


  1. Acting: all the actors are very known but the casting is amazing. What do I mean by casting? Each role pic is perfect, I can’t imagine Vigo Mortensen playing Gandalf, nor Sir Ian McKellen as Aragorn. Each actor’s performance is just enough and very natural, even Orlando Bloom acted very well (That was a joke, he’s a great actor). I have to indicate on the incredible act of Andy Serkis as Gollum.


  1. CGI and special effects: if someone ask me what is CGI, I reply Gollum, from then the world of CGI and special effects changed. (they did an enormous job again with Smaug, the dragon in the Hobbit). Can you imagine the amount of work it took them to form Gollum, but what about the other Orcs or the trees or even the eye of Sauron? Really astonishing!!!


  1. Script: I know what you’re going to say, it’s based on a book and of course it helped a lot in putting the script together. However, it’s more difficult to actually turn the book into a movie without making it cheap, not to mention the difficult words used yet understandable for others.


  1. Soundtracks and sound effects: the details presented in the lightest sound is purely outstanding, they did not miss one single detail. The soundtracks, what can I say? Howard shore (the composer) is absolutely genius, the melody is just epic. You know what’s better than that? He gave an identity to each group of people through his music. For example, people of Rohan have their specific soundtrack that is different from people of Gondor, different than Mordor or Isengard. Unquestionably fantastic.


I can continue in dozen pages but still not enough, I’m a big fan of the Lord of the Rings and writing about it will never be sufficient, but at least I was able to demonstrate the main points and provide my opinion.

To review this movie as the ones I did before, I would give this movie 5/5. It’s absolutely flawless.

Here you go, here’s a review of my favorite movie. What is yours?

Leave a comment below of your best film or offer me your opinion in my review



4 thoughts on “Favorite Review

  1. I don’t really have a favourite movie, to be honest, but I do find it difficult to talk about movies I really, really like. Just as an example: over on my own blog, I had trouble writing about Interstellar — a movie that was pretty much made FOR me (and which is definitely in my top 10). And that’s just one of many.

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    1. i understand, I found it hard at first. but one of my friends asked me if I recommend lord of the rings and he asked me why, i told him those points, then I realized I can share with others what do I like about this movie. but yeah you’re right it’s not easy as reviewing another mere movie. thanks for sharing your thoughts

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