The Old Man and the Gun


I was very intrigued to watch this movie, and for the first time I went to the cinema theaters and I have no idea what the movie is about. I didn’t read the plot, I didn’t watch the trailer, I simply went based on the ratings.

Unlike old reviews, I’m going to start with the things which I didn’t like. Well, to begin with is the running time of the movie. It’s considerate short compared to other movies, but the story doesn’t grasp that much time, it could be done in 1 hour or they should bring more details. The story is a little bit vague and not direct, we couldn’t know much about the background of the character or the purpose he’s doing all this stuff.


However, the things I liked in this movie are much more. What can I start with?

The old style of shooting, old type of frames, old quality, old coloring… Or we should praise the background music that reminds you of the 60s movies. Not to forget that everything was vintage and suitable for the year they’re representing the events in. The extreme close-ups are just right and gives an interesting taste to the movie.

One thing that is more impressing in the film, where you don’t give a huge in other movies is the font. The font they used in the title and the credits are very appropriate for mood of the movie. They characterize more and more the idea or the style they’re trying to express.


The movie was fun, especially for the young generation to know what vintage movies would look like. We’re all used to outstanding visual effects or high quality of image, but to watch a very simple movie yet very well-orchestrated is an honor and a pleasure.

I would give this movie 4/5, not surprised by the huge rating it’s taking.

If you watched this movie, which part did/ didn’t you like? And if you haven’t watched yet, are you willing to?


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